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Basic information:

Name: Evgeni Victorovich Plushenko

Date of Birth:November 3, 1982

Native Country: Russia

Birthtown: Solnechni (Khabarovsk region)

Current Residence: St. Petersburg

Parents: Victor and Tatiana Vasilievna

Sister: Helena, Niece: Dascha

Pets: American Bulldog, Name: Golden
and a persian cat

Hobbies: Tennis, Soccer, Billiards, Computer Games,

Idol: Victor Petrenko

Coach: Alexei Nickolaevich Mishin

Former Coach: Mikhail Makoveyev 1986-93

Choreographers: Kirill Simonow and Valery Mihailovsky

Home Rink: Yubileyney Rink, Palace of Sports

Evgeni and his FamilyYubileyney Rink

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